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Engage and Monetize Audiences with Automated Content Personalization

Whether you are a publisher of ad-supported or subscription-based media, it’s vital for revenue growth to continuously re-engage audiences with the most intelligently personalized message content for each reader.

Are you equipped to compete for the attention of your audiences at scale by automating relevant messages, optimizing and personalizing content, and tailoring your digital marketing strategy to maximize engagement?

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Publisher-Specific Design to Help you Personalize Messaging Programs at Scale and Across Media Brands

Lyris is the trusted email marketing solution for some of the world’s largest publishers and media companies, thanks to our unique audience messaging platform that combines an intelligent content engine with digital messaging automation to deliver contextually-personalized media articles, recipes, coupons, videos, and more. By effectively combining content with audience preference and behavioral data, Lyris empowers publishers to increase engagement and maximize subscription and advertising revenue.

Join leading publishers that have come to rely on Lyris for the most critical digital channel – email – and let our proven solution grow your client business today and into the future.

Target and engage audiences with automatically-personalized email content.
Use Lyris Predictive Personalization  to power intelligent content delivery to subscribers via email, Web, and mobile applications. Increase advertising and sales revenue with the help of machine-learning and automation. Messages are optimally targeted and personalized based on a single view of the audience that spans real-time website behavior, preference center selections, subscriptions, and position in the customer lifecycle.

Manage emails across all your brands.
Securely and efficiently manage email marketing for dozens or even hundreds of media brands centrally. Provide brand marketers, editors, and analysts with fine-tuned, tiered, organizational access to just the right information and application capabilities authorized for each user.

Measure and optimize performance.
Close the loop by providing each media brand with full visibility into their marketing initiatives and performance while also retaining the ability to view results across the portfolio in order to identify the strategies that deliver best results.

Reach the email inbox more often.
Save effort and costs with integrated workflows for advanced delivery management including delivery, reputation, and blacklist monitoring, email previews across more than 30 mobile devices and email clients, and spam filter analysis – all without needing to manage multiple solutions.

Easily connect with audience data.
Integrate your email marketing programs with registration data, content management systems, Web analytics, and other applications more easily and quickly thanks to Lyris’ open solutions architecture based on industry standards. Deliver fast return on investment and optimize connected digital marketing programs for each of your media properties.


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Digital Messaging Strategies Tailored for your Success

From experience working with some of the world’s largest media brands, we know the strategies that lead to success. Let Lyris digital messaging strategy experts design a tailored digital marketing roadmap for your unique business to continuously optimize the deliverability of your email messages, orchestrate excellent experiences anywhere audiences read messages, optimize content for opens and engagement, and re-activate audiences to increase their lifetime value.


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