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Lyris is a global digital marketing expert that powers data-driven interactive marketing campaigns facilitating superior engagement, increase conversions and delivers measurable business value.

Our product portfolio comprises of both cloud-based and on-premise applications, combined with customer-focused services and support.

We at Lyris provide outstanding customer support for our products. Our knowledgeable support engineers are standing by to discuss any issues and help resolve them.

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Lyris provides comprehensive solutions portfolio combining with our award-winning products with expert advisory services to meet the needs of companies at every stage of their digital marketing journey.

Lyris provides digital marketing serviceswhich are ready to define and implement programs that are aligned with your company’s strategic priorities and that deliver measurable return on marketing investment.

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Our customers are always ahead of the game with our secure, scalable and flexible email marketing solutions. The robust email marketing platforms, in-the-cloud Lyris HQ or on-premises Lyris LM, helps them deliver the right messages at the right time.

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