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The Lyris Digital Marketing Tools and Resource Center is designed to help you keep up with the latest industry trends, developments and best practices for continuously optimizing your digital marketing campaigns. Our extensive library of guides, newsletter articles, Webinars, case studies and more is easily accessible and available whenever you need a new perspective, big idea or in-the-trenches advice.

Our email marketing tools and resources are created by Lyris domain experts in email, design, Web and digital marketing industries.

Download our most popular guides and white papers on industry trends and commentary on topics at the forefront of the digital marketing field. With over 5,000 customers worldwide we are happy to share customer success stories by satisfied Lyris customers across various industries.

Our recorded webcasts are provided on-demand shortly following webinars that we host on topics that range from email design to deliverability or exploring the future of email as we know it today.

With our 15 year experience in consulting, designing and deploying successful email marketing campaigns our email marketing tools and thought-leadership pieces will provide you with inspiration to create and execute your next email campaign with measurable results.

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Tool Kits

Lyris Email Selfie – Free Email Assessment

Ever wanted to quickly identify the key elements of your email strategy that you could improve immediately? This tool is designed to do just that. It is quick and simple to use and will provide you with tactics and strategies that will add value to your email marketing program in a matter of minutes.

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Guides and White Papers

Bridging the CMO-CIO Chasm: Blueprint for a Next-Generation Technology Platform

According to global consultancy Accenture, only one in 10 chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) believe they collaborate sufficiently. While CMOs often fail to fully consider how their technology decisions might impact the domain of CIOs, CIOs tend to underestimate CMOs’ needs in a rapidly-evolving customer interaction landscape

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Mind the Digital Marketing Gap: The Economist Intelligence Unit Travel Survey Findings

In an industry where consumers are increasingly interacting and transacting online, what must travel marketers do in order to differentiate, source and find new customers, and maintain high customer loyalty? These challenges require marketers to deeply understand consumers’ online behavior

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Recorded Webcasts

Ask the Email Gurus!

In this highly-interactive Q & A Webinar format, Lyris brings together our top email marketing strategists and deliverability experts to take on the questions you’ve wanted to ask but didn’t know who to turn to. Watch the recorded Webcast to add

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Customer Success Stories

Pumpkin Patch Applies Continuous Best Practices to Optimize Email Deliverability

Established in 1990, Pumpkin Patch has built an enviable reputation throughout New Zealand and Australia as a leading retailer of fashionable children’s wear, and is becoming increasingly recognized internationally. With more than 2,000 employees, 190 stores, and wholesale operations in 24 markets globally, the Patch brand can also be found in selected countries across Asia and the Middle East

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Lyris Real-Time Retargeting

Lyris Real-Time Retargeting offers Shopping Cart and Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns. Coupled with our Lyris HQ digital marketing product, Lyris Real-Time Retargeting allows customers to get perfectly timed emails after abandoning your site. Filter based on product value, category, session-length and

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