May 2014 – Lyris Product Release

Announcing new innovations that set the enterprise standard for email deliverability and optimization. The industry’s first integrated email delivery optimization solution boosts email marketing ROI by maximizing reach and response effortlessly.

Announcing: Lyris Priority Send for boosting email deliverability automatically

Provides an innovative approach for addressing the typical challenges of email inbox placement.

  • Sends messages to a company’s most engaged subscribers first by calculating engagement scores for individual customer profiles;
  • Maximizes sender reputation in real time by providing confirmation to ISPs and other monitoring services that a specific campaign is providing customer value;
  • Lowers risk of delivery rate limits and enhances inbox placement for every campaign, driving increased open rates and conversions
  • Available exclusively to Lyris Delivery View service customers

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NEW: Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console 

Combines expanded inbox previews with spam score analysis, delivery and blacklist monitoring

  • Tightly integrates these capabilities into the campaign design, testing and proofing workflow to remove the typical hurdles for testing emails before sending them to ensure they create the desired customer experiences
  • Saves marketers costs and effort from needing to triangulate the output of multiple vendor tools in order to maximize campaign performance.
  • With just a few clicks, digital marketers are now able to preview messages across over 30 different clients and mobile devices, generate spam scores, check for blacklisting, and examine inbox placement of past campaigns.
  • The result is better deliverability and personalized engagement anywhere messages are viewed by customers.

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