Lyris Real-Time Retargeting

Maximize Revenue by Re-engaging and Converting Shoppers across Multiple Channels

Lyris Real-Time Retargeting dramatically increases the value of your email and website channels by empowering eCommerce professionals and marketers with valuable Web behavioral data to drive personalized messaging programs. Discover new segments, create real-time remarketing campaigns across email and website channels, repurpose Web content for product recommendations that increase sales, and set automation triggers to optimize revenue and conversion opportunities.

With rich browser data integrated into Lyris applications, you can identify key customer behavior trends – such as highest product interest or most popular content – to design, build, and immediately execute automated multichannel campaigns and promotions.

Increase Sales with Real-time Browse and Cart Abandonment Retargeting

Use real-time browsing and online shopping-cart data to trigger messages to customers who are ready to buy. Automatically and effortlessly feature the specific products that were left behind within your message content.

Maximize revenue by remarketing within the optimal time frame for capturing business, e.g. within 20 to 45 minutes of the interaction so you can reach your customers before they are lost to the competition.

Achieve real-time views on recaptured opportunities including potential sales amounts left in carts, revenue recovered, and revenue yet to be captured.

Increase Registration Completions with Form Abandonment Retargeting

Render any site-specific process (e.g., account creation, event booking, etc.) more successful by retargeting visitors that begin to fill out online forms but drop off before completion.

Instrument forms for data capture with Lyris’ help and use the insights to trigger personalized messages for recovery of your customer opportunities and offline sales.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Targeted Post Purchase Programs

Combine Web behavior, demographic, and preference data from any session to create targeted messaging segments.

Quickly turn our practical, pre-cut analytics into actionable segmentation geared to increasing eCommerce revenue, e.g.: “Who browsed products worth more than $100 in the last 30 days but didn’t purchase?”

Automate targeted and personalized messaging programs based on recency, frequency, monetary, and other aspects of customer behavior.

Increase Average Sales with Cross-sell Product Recommendations

Increase email and website conversions with real-time dynamic content suggested by Web behavioral data.

Insert dynamic product recommendations into your emails with just a few clicks during the message creation workflow.

Choose from many recommendations options, e.g. to promote products in related categories, newest products, or trending items based on crowd sourced intelligence.

Automate Website Personalization to Maximize Engagement and Sales

Configure product recommendations and other targeted dynamic content feeds centrally and let Lyris Real-time Retargeting automatically promote them via multiple channels.

Maximize revenue driven by recommendations by promoting them at every opportunity, e.g. via your emails and on the website home page, product pages, thank you pages, and many more. Display live banners, e.g. countdown timers, to increase urgency towards conversions.

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