July 2014 – Lyris Product Release

Freedom to Accelerate Marketing Innovation

New Digital Marketing Applications Showcase the Power and Flexibility of the Lyris Customer Communications Platform

The new mini marketing applications in this release exemplify the kind of digital messaging innovations, extensions, and integrations that help you achieve your revenue goals with much greater speed vs. the enterprise software approach of old.

Lyris’ open architecture is based on common standards, making it faster and easier to connect digital communications across channels, extend Lyris applications to meet your specific needs, and integrate Lyris with your eco-system of existing and future marketing solutions.

Announcing: Lyris Data Mapper

Connect customer contact data between Lyris and third-party cloud sales and marketing systems, including Salesforce

  • Segment and target marketing messages based on an up to date, single view of your customers within Lyris including CRM insights
  • Automatically update the third party system with the latest email engagement analytics from Lyris
  • Map data elements between systems with a few clicks, through a highly configurable console with an intuitive user interface. Run synchronization instantly or schedule for later execution.

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Announcing: Lyris Reputation Monitor

Manage email reputation and optimize deliverability based on integrated insights into your mail score trends

  • Trend your sender reputation based on the Lyris proprietary mail score metric using the Lyris Reputation Monitor advanced charting user interface
  • Monitor changes to your mail score in relation to marketing campaign activity and be in the position to remedy pro-actively when needed.
  • Lyris Reputation Monitor further extends the industry-leading Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console with additional workflow-integrated capabilities,

Learn more about the enhanced Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console >

Announcing: Lyris Advanced Engagement Analytics

Segment and target marketing communications based on integrated insight into customer geolocations and device preferences

  • Automatically augment customer profile data in Lyris with insight based on email opens and interactions
  • Segment and target communications based on customers’ historical and most typical mobile device usage, and their geolocations
  • Obtain rich interaction analytics without the need to deploy additional tags or purchase specialized tools
  • Available to Lyris HQ clients as part of the Lyris Email Analytics Package.

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Additionally in this release, Lyris is also announcing further enhancements for our Lyris HQ clients:

Announcing: Intelligent A/B Testing

Optimize marketing performance with comprehensive email test automation

  • Dramatically increase engagement and response by automatically testing alternative messages using intuitive, integrated workflows in Lyris HQ
  • Extend your ability to test beyond subject lines, from name, and send times to include any desired element of your marketing communications, e.g. message layout, content, call to actions, and more
  • Maintain control over the selection of test winners or have Lyris identify winners automatically and deploy them for the rest of your campaign

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