Lyris Platform

Delivering ROI on a Customer-Centric Integration Platform

Our digital marketing technology puts customers at the center of our architecture. Developed by marketers for marketers, our solutions improve efficiency by providing campaign management and automated message delivery, using robust segmentation and analytics driven by real-time social, mobile and Web interactions. The Lyris product portfolio is comprised of both cloud-based and on-premise email and digital marketing software combined with customer-focused services and support and delivered on a powerful integration platform that connects data and marketing workflows across the enterprise.

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Built on a Flexible Enterprise Platform

Our business applications are deployed on a next-generation digital integration platform that marries innovation with ingenuity, allowing companies to harness the powerful capabilities we have pioneered over the past 20 years.

Lyris HQ is our cloud-based digital marketing application that integrates email, social, mobile and real-time Web analytics to maximize the effectiveness of high-volume, complex campaigns.

Lyris HQ features a contemporary user interface that enriches the way users access its advanced email and digital marketing automation functions. It also delivers improvements to advanced capabilities that enable marketers to more effectively plan and measure campaign success.

Lyris' HQ is built on our highly-scalable and flexible cloud architecture that delivers email marketing with excellence in performance, reliability and uptime.

With Lyris HQ, users will find sophisticated features required to develop and deploy messaging initiatives that engage subscribers across every digital touch point along the customer’s buying journey.

Lyris HQ Power Editionis for professional online marketers who manage complex digital campaigns. A user-friendly tabbed interface is designed to provide access to advanced digital marketing capabilities, including: natural language segmentation, integrated Web analytics software, email list management, social posting and behavioral targeting.

Lyris HQ Agency Editionis our solution for agencies that delivers email marketing online for their clients. It enables quick set-up of client-specific subaccounts to service diverse customers from a single implementation.

Lyris ListManager is our award-winning on-premises-email marketing software that enables you to manage and execute high-volume, customized campaigns that ensure delivery of relevant messages to targeted audiences.

Lyris ListManageris the industry’s best email marketing software and the engine behind thousands of successful email marketing programs for some of the world’s top brands. It includes powerful automation features and reporting capabilities, and its flexible and configurable architecture integrates seamlessly with in-house databases so that digital marketers can leverage existing data stores to target customers and prospects more effectively.

Lyris LM Professionalprovides marketers with advanced email list marketing capabilities, including: dynamic content, advanced scripting, SSL support, deliverability dashboard and MailStreams segmentation, multi-vendor Web analytics integration, a heat map that shows your most popular links and click-through, clickstream, refer-a-friend, and forward tracking.

Lyris LM Enterpriseis robust email management software that offers highly-advanced email marketers everything included in Lyris LM Professional, plus: transactional mail, granular permissions, up to 10 sites, clustered configurations, and email sending speeds up to 1M per hour.



Visually-Oriented Enterprise Connectors

Lyris Enterprise Connectors provide a visually-oriented interface for integrating customer data and application workflows, enabling organizations to orchestrate complex digital marketing campaigns involving multiple on-premise and cloud-based systems. With Lyris Enterprise Connectors, marketers can easily access Lyris HQ and ListManager’s powerful application services to build intelligent campaign segments, personalize content, and automate messages across multiple systems.

For example, organizations can now enable bi-directional data exchange between Lyris and CRM systems; synchronize data with ecommerce systems to effectively target and service online customers; and integrate with loyalty systems to maximize lifetime customer value. Lyris Enterprise Connectors provide simplified access to all available Lyris APIs, including List, Contact, and Attribute Management; Message Planning and Creation; Segment Management, and Trigger Configuration.

Key benefits of our digital marketing solutions include:

Behavioral targeting powered by tightly integrated Web analytics:Our software integrates real-time Web analytics with email and social media messaging so you can engage with audiences across channels using relevant personalized information.

Campaign automation and real-time messaging:Our solutions offer sophisticated automated email marketing capabilities that integrate real-time message delivery through event-triggered campaigns and transactional email messages, determined by customer behaviors such as cart abandons, transactions and more.

Unified, modular, scalable cloud-based architecture:Our architecture brings together multiple digital marketing capabilities that can scale to meet any data storage, processing and performance requirements.

Flexible and secure infrastructure:Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure is designed and developed for secure access and extensibility. Lyris Enterprirse Connectors provide visually - oriented data and functional integrations from your systems to our platform.

Regulatory compliance and best practice message deliverability:Our solutions integrate marketing best practices and augment these capabilities with deliverability specialists that facilitate compliance with commercial standards and industry regulations. Trust our team of regulatory experts to guide you in the right direction and monitor your email marketing campaigns.