Lyris ContentChecker for Email

Get your spam score and increase deliverability

Knowing your email’s spam score across receiving domains prior to each send gives you a view of how your emails will be filtered and routed, and provides you with the opportunity to adjust your content and maximize deliverability.

We’ve developed an easy-to-use tool to assist you. The Lyris ContentChecker for Email uses a content filter to test your email content against rules widely adopted by receiving domains to provide you with a spam score which indicates whether your emails will arrive in your recipients’ inbox or junk folder.

Having a low score does not guarantee inbox delivery because spam scores are weighed in conjunction with other factors, such as the email sender’s reputation. On the other hand, having a high score will certainly impact deliverability. That's why we don't just tell you your spam score, we also give you recommendations for adjusting your message to optimize email deliverability.

To get started, simply copy and paste the content from your intended email campaign into each field below. Hit the "Check My Content" button and we'll send you a detailed evaluation report via email.

Your evaluation will include marked instances of which words in your email content are costing you points and other recommendations that will help you avoid the junk folder and improve your overall spam score.

Don’t make the mistake of not checking your email content for spam. Run your email marketing campaign through the Lyris ContentChecker™ for Email as many times as you like, until your changes pay off and you obtain your desired spam score.