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How big data can influence conversationBizReport —  Moving into the New Year more brands say they'll focus of quality, big data to engage and convert consumers in the online and mobile space. According to one expert actionable data - have the tools in place to not only compile big data but to use that information to better serve customers, is key.


Lyris: How to make the most of big dataBizReport   —  As more brands move into the online space better ways of targeting consumers is important. Data that identifies customers and helps brands serve the right content and ads is crucial. One problem is finding the right data and knowing how to use it.


Why This Big Data Company May Be The Next OmnitureForbes —  BloomReach, a provider of web site content optimization solutions based on Big Data, recently announced Series C funding of $25 million. GoodData, which provides dashboards for understanding sales, marketing, and other business functions, announced $25M of additional funding in July. And Predictive CRM company Lattice is backed by Sequoia Capital.


Segmentation sets GuideStar apartB2B — Christopher Hosford — How information services company revamped its email marketing program - Results: Increased prospect and customer database by fourfold, improved open rates by 38% and boosted cross-selling revenue by 86%.


Lyris One digital marketing platform aims to maximize value of big dataZDNet — Rachel King — Digital marketing company Lyris has launched a new big data platform designed to help marketers transform the massive amounts of customer interactive data into information that can maximize the relevance and value of every customer interaction.


Lyris, Inc. 10-K - Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of — Edgar Glimpses — The following discussion and analysis of our financial condition and results of operations should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements and related notes included in Item 8 of this Annual Report.


Lyris One Addresses The Age of Exploding DataChief Marketer — Richard H. Levey — A customer, according to Alex Lustberg, VP of Marketing, Lyris, can be understood as a collection of digital touchpoints. A customer is a combination of behaviors, transactions, demographics, device use, web-browsing patterns, email interactions and social media presences.


Customer Experience | Hello Music Improves Its Email Strategy  —  Digital marketing is an important tool for organizations, allowing them to engage their customers with content that's specifically relevant to them. Business leaders are recognizing that in order to effectively interact with existing customers and reach out to prospects, they need to invest in a robust digital marketing strategy.


Lyris release offers assist with Big DataBizReport — Kristina Knight — Big data is again making headlines, this time with digital marketing hub Lyris at the forefront. This week marks the launch of the new Lyris ONE platform, set up to offer online brands an assist when it comes to collecting, managing and then targeting big data in the online realm.


Lyris Rebrands, Builds Out Digital ERP System to Process DataMediaPost — Laurie Sullivan — Lyris unveiled a digital marketing platform Tuesday resembling an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built to support online advertising, part of an effort to rebuild and rebrand the company.