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Consumers doubt the value of online personalisation: studyEconsultancy — Personalisation is considered to be an extremely effective way of driving sales and conversions, with 94% of businesses stating that personalisation ‘is critical to current and future success.’


Misconceptions Between Marketers' Perceptions, Consumers' BehaviorMediaPost — There's a disconnect between marketing executives' perception of how consumers like to engage with brands and consumers' preferred methods of engagement, according to a study released Wednesday. While the findings point to misconceptions related to email, social media, personalization and privacy, the results clearly reveal trends that search marketers can apply to support paid search, search engine optimization and product listing ads.


Marketers Undervalue Email, Overvalue PersonalizationMarketingProfs — Although marketers are eager to build up social media, blogs, and mobile outlets, email holds more sway in the purchasing process, according to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Lyris.


Don’t be so personal with your digital marketing!Diginomica — You know all that time, effort and money you’ve been putting into personalized marketing campaigns?Well, it turns out that you might have been wasting it for the simple reason that your organization lacks the data skills needed to understand the customers you’re trying to get personal with!


Salesforce Buys ExactTargetCRM Buyer — Salesforce may have just closed one of its biggest gaps by acquiring the marketing functionality of ExactTarget. Salesforce is becoming a true enterprise application provider for CRM functionality, said THINKstrategies' Jeffrey Kaplan. "This acquisition is one of the biggest steps it is making in that direction. The marketing automation piece is a huge one."


“CMOs Are The New CIOs” & Other Things The Industry Is Saying About Salesforce Deal To Buy ExactTargetMarketing Land —  Marketing insiders had much to say about yesterday’s announcement that will be acquiring ExactTarget for nearly $2.5 billion. Commentaries were offered on everything from the future of marketing automation to the role of email marketing and its continued significance in an organization’s overall marketing strategy.


Salesforce Invests in Massive Social Marketing PowerMobile Marketing Watch — has confirmed plans to pay $2.5 billion in order to acquire marketing software maker ExactTarget, which enables companies to connect with customers on social networks via mobile.


Ten Tips for Engaging Customers in Turbulent Times Customer Engagement Network —  The massive proliferation of data generated through email, social, mobile, and other interactive channels has required us to re-examine what we thought we knew about our customers, and challenged us to re-evaluate how best to engage them.


Don't Sweat Tech (Well, Sweat It a Little)DIRECT MARKETING NEWS —  Consumers—they want what they want and they want it now. So do colicky babies. When I posed that comparison to Brennan Carlson, SVP of products and strategy at digital marketing company Lyris, he didn't disagree.


Infographic: 5 Techniques to Bring Your Emails to LifeMarketing TechBlog  —  With over 68% of all email being SPAM, it’s not only difficult to get your email to the inbox, getting it opened and the content clicked on requires quite a bit of attention. Leveraging live email content may be the strategy that puts your emails over the top.