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Research “drives travel marketing” - Travel Daily Media - The study of US executives by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU) with California-based Lyris found 23% of executives used data for product development and to lead their marketing strategy, compared to an 18% average compared to other sectors such as the clothing, automobile, entertainment, media and banking industries.


Some Industries More Advanced Than Others In Data-Driven Marketing, Study Says - Ad Exchanger - As more marketers use data to deploy targeted offers, clear differences are emerging in how industry verticals embrace digital strategies, a study has found.


Digital marketing truths – sector by sector - Diginomica - So here at diginomica we’ve been pretty big fans of the study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and technology firm Lyris into the gaps in digital marketing strategies practised by most organisations.


Report Shows Marketers Shifting Strategies to Meet Customer Preferences by Industry - CMSWire - There are many different stages and components of marketing, but what customer demands change what is considered important from industry to industry, according to a new summary report.


Mind the digital marketing gap – infographic -  The Guardian - Findings from the Economist Intelligence Unit highlight the differences between marketer and consumer perceptions


Wrap Up: The Customer-Centric Approach to Customer Journey Mapping #CXMHangout -  CMSWire - It's a funny thing about people: they rarely do what you predict or what you want them to do. If you remember that customers are people then you've got a good starting point for customer journey mapping.


Industry Feeding Frenzy Continues With Adobe’s Neolane Acquisition -  ADOTAS - Just over 3 weeks ago, Neolane President and CEO Stéphane Dehoche was commenting on Salesforce’s bold acquisition of ExactTarget. Now it’s Dehoche’s colleagues who are weighing in on the announcement that Adobe is acquiring Neolane for $600 million.


Consumers don’t like superficial personalised marketingFresh Business Thinking —  A survey of 409 consumers and 257 marketing executives conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Lyris reveals gaps in marketers’ perception of how consumers want to engage with brands and what influences their purchasing decisions.


Big Data and the Myth of Consumer ControlSmartData Collective —  One of the victims of the ongoing National Security Agency (NSA) scandal may be also one of the most prominent memes of the 21st century.


Oops: Big Data Baffles Most MarketersInc. — Now more than ever before businesses have tons of data on what customers want. Too bad they don't have a clue what to do with it.

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