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Personalization vs. Customization: How Marketers Can Deliver What Consumers Want - Chief Marketer - According to a new survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), sponsored by Lyris, broad and excessive personalization undermines the effectiveness of marketing messages. In fact, 70% of consumer respondents agreed with the statement that “attempts at personalization are superficial,” and 33% cited it as one of their top annoyances. Yet, the survey also reveals that personalization is the second most popular marketing strategy among marketing executives. What gives?


Travel Marketers’ Big Customization Move - Travel Market Report - The travel industry – more than other industries – is focusing on collecting data on individual consumers in order to customize offers, according to a new study on digital marketing.


3-ways-to-develop-a-big-data-strategy - Forbes - There will be 40 zettabytes of data on the planet by 2020, a 14 percent jump from previous forecasts, according to a 2012 study from the International Data Corporation on the digital universe.


Keep Calm & Send Email: Industry Experts Offer Hopeful Outlook On The New Gmail Inbox Tabs - Marketing Land - On May 29, Google began rolling out a newly designed Gmail inbox that includes five separate tabs to group emails.


Consumers have different digital marketing preferences across sectors, EIU finds - Retail Times - Consumers have different digital marketing preferences across industries, according to a new survey released by Lyris, a global provider of digital marketing solutions.


Research “drives travel marketing” - Travel Daily Media - The study of US executives by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU) with California-based Lyris found 23% of executives used data for product development and to lead their marketing strategy, compared to an 18% average compared to other sectors such as the clothing, automobile, entertainment, media and banking industries.


Some Industries More Advanced Than Others In Data-Driven Marketing, Study Says - Ad Exchanger - As more marketers use data to deploy targeted offers, clear differences are emerging in how industry verticals embrace digital strategies, a study has found.


Digital marketing truths – sector by sector - Diginomica - So here at diginomica we’ve been pretty big fans of the study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and technology firm Lyris into the gaps in digital marketing strategies practised by most organisations.


Report Shows Marketers Shifting Strategies to Meet Customer Preferences by Industry - CMSWire - There are many different stages and components of marketing, but what customer demands change what is considered important from industry to industry, according to a new summary report.


Mind the digital marketing gap – infographic -  The Guardian - Findings from the Economist Intelligence Unit highlight the differences between marketer and consumer perceptions