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Lyris introduces email tools with the aim of boosting deliverability rates - FierceCMO, Tequia Bert - Email marketing provider Lyris rolled out Priority Send, which is designed to help enterprise marketers reach their most engaged customers. Priority send, which is a part of the cloud-based Lyris HQ digital marketing app.


Lyris Aims for New Deliverability Standard With Upgrade - Direct Marketing News, Al Urbanski - Lyris today released Priority Send, an addition to its cloud-based Lyris HQ marketing application that, among other things, goads ISPs into opening up their inboxes for email campaigns by mailing to the best customers first.


What I’ve Learned from 100 Responsive Emails - Andrew King - Over the last six months I’ve been scouring my inbox for responsive email designs to feature on my email-focused Pinterest Board. I started this board and a couple of others as a way to collect in one place all of the great designs that I see on a daily basis.


7 Deadly Email Personalities That Will Instantly Get You Blocked - Alex Lustberg - Many of us pride ourselves on carefully adhering to email codes of conduct and maintaining as-close-to-impeccable tone, spelling, and grammar as possible. Still, some struggle a bit more than others to observe these basic social mores, and a few distinct email personalities have bubbled to the surface.


Email Is The New Email - Marketing Land, Alex Lustberg - So many lessons that apply to digital marketing as a whole were learned in email. Email marketing encompasses everything from brand introductions and product recommendations to advanced content marketing strategies and purchase transaction confirmations.


Five dating tips you can apply to your email marketing - Econsultancy, Andrew King - With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many of you will be gearing up to send as many heartfelt emails to your subscribers as possible, encouraging them to treat their special someone.


Nuts & Bolts - 2014 Trends : Betting on Mobile? - Target Marketing, Heather Fletcher - This time it really is the year of mobile, say many working in the marketing space. Without consulting each other, marketing vendors offering their predictions for 2014 nearly unanimously say mobile is dominating the conversation.


Three simple automated email strategies every travel business should use - Econsultancy, Philip Storey - If you're a small to medium-size travel or experience brand, the following three strategies are sure to help you increase conversions and retention rates.


23 Thought Leaders Offer 51 Predictions For 2014 - ADOTAS, Staff - With the first full business week of 2014 rapidly coming to an end, so too is our coverage of predictions for the year ahead from online ad industry executives.


Balancing the Marketing, Digital Experience Scales - CMSWire, Brennan Carlson - In the rapidly changing marketing landscape — where technology-enabled digital channels arise seemingly overnight — marketers are struggling to keep up in the digital experience catch up game.