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Expert IDs 3 trends that will improve email strategy BizReport, Kristina Knight — Email is seen by many as a sturdy standby for their marketing program, but according to one expert brands could be doing more.


Publishers Struggle With eMail Marketing - MediaPost, Jake Loechner - According to the 2014 Publishers Survey Report from Lyris, engaging audiences with targeted and personalized email content is proven to create new revenue opportunities for publishers, but many are still struggling with even the basics of email marketing and digital messaging.


Publishers' Top Email Marketing Pain Points [Infographic] - Marketing Profs, Ayaz Nanji - Publishers' other top email pain points include dynamic content/personalization (42% cite as an issue), list maintenance (41%), mobile optimization (33%), analytics (33%), segmentation (30%), and content automation (29%).


Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email Marketing - Mobile Marketing Watch, Christa H - The basics of email marketing aren’t so basic to everyone. According to a new report from Lyris, the shift from print to digital has “transformed the publishing industry, but many publishers are still struggling with the basics of email marketing.”


Top Struggles for Email Marketers - BizReport, Kristina Knight - A new study out from FOLIO and sponsored by Lyris indicates email marketers continue to struggle - not with advanced segmentation or targeting, but with basic email practices like building lists.


9 Tips for Building an Effective Email Marketing List - CIO, By Jennifer Schiff - When it comes to building an email marketing list, there is no secret formula. But there are steps you can take to increase your opt-in rates and decrease the number of Unsubscribes. What are those steps? Dozens of email marketing pros share their top nine tips for how to build a successful email marketing list.


Thanks to Instagram It's Time to Up Your Visual Marketing Game - Fast Company, Dean Silvestri - A four-year study by business intelligence service L2 of the social media platform across 850 brands revealed that not only is Instagram the fastest-growing network, it also completely trumps all others for engagement.


Make Your Global Email Marketing Hit the Target [Infographic] - CMSWire, Kelly Bilodeau - Are some common mistakes turning your global email marketing into a world-class mess? A recent survey by a Waltham, Mass.-based Lionbridge Technologies of more than 570 people from 25 countries found many global email marketing efforts are falling flat.


Lyris Updates Its Real-Time Retargeting App - CRM Magazine, Staff - Lyris today announced expanded real-time marketing capabilities across multiple digital channels with the latest release of its Lyris Real-Time Retargeting application for Lyris HQ, a cloud-based email and digital messaging solution.


8 Ways to Collect More Customer Email Addresses - Street Fight, Stephanie Miles - A small business’ success with email marketing is directly tied to its ability to collect email addresses from customers.

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