Lyris Fuses Social Media into Online Marketing to Amplify Bottom Line Results

Social Fusion Marketing Harnesses Social Media to Connect and Advance Efforts Across Previously Disparate Channels

Emeryville, Calif., November 8, 2010 - Lyris, Inc. (OTCBB: LYRI.OB), the online marketing expert, today announced the availability of Social Fusion Marketing, the industry's premier online marketing offering that proactively unites social media with other channels like email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Fusion programs, customized by Lyris expert consultants, amplify a client's results by strategically fusing social media insights about a given brand or industry into other marketing channels. Clients will become aware of the social conversations regarding their brand and Lyris will work with them to develop a strategy to respond to the social marketplace through multiple marketing channels.

"Social media's often ineffective use in email marketing and across online marketing channels in general has led to missed opportunities as there is often limited or no ability to measure the actual effect on the bottom line," said Blaine Mathieu, CMO of Lyris. "But by employing Social Fusion techniques, Lyris is able to integrate social media with email and other online channels - thereby tapping into the well-honed measurement techniques available in those channels. For instance, by using social media to drive email opt-ins, a marketer can track the ROI value of that opt-in via email metrics. So suddenly social media's ROI is measureable and the Achilles heel of this medium is overcome. By using these insights to enhance content in other channels, from mobile to search to email marketing, marketing's overall effectiveness is amplified."

"When I was introduced to Lyris' new social media offering, I was initially skeptical of how it could benefit my business," said Keith Winsor of Academy Medical, a leader in Continuing Education for the Healthcare industry. "However, in working with my Lyris team, we crafted and integrated a social media strategy and schedule that made sense for our business. This has taken me from skeptical to enthusiastic while firming my commitment to continuing Academy Medical's social presence."

With the implementation of Social Fusion, spending efficiency and ROI measurement increase while driving more email opt-ins, greater social media volume with PPC efforts, improved PPC keyword choices, and better marketing content for more accurate and expanded SEO.

Social Fusion is offered in three packages ranging from auditing to strategy to implementation:

The Social Fusion Discovery Audit:

Lyris' social media consultants identify key influencers talking about the client's brand or industry, what they are saying, the volume and sentiment of the conversation and in which social media channels they are having conversations. This sets the stage for strategy development.

The Social Fusion Strategy:

Lyris' social media consultants develop strategies that integrate with the rest of a brand's online marketing strategy. Lyris identifies opportunities to develop an online presence, understands who a company's audiences are and designs engagement techniques that effectively communicate with audiences. Lastly, a measurement plan is created based on objectives establishing key performance indicators for brands to measure success.

Social Fusion Implementation and Monitoring:

Finally, if clients do not have the resources to implement themselves or require additional assistance, Lyris social media consultants can then implement campaigns outlined in the social media strategy, including elements such as a messaging calendar, test plans, audience analysis and segmentation, content and creative, and, most importantly, multi-channel ROI measurement.

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