Lyris HQ Mobile

Mobile email marketing that extends beyond reporting on-the-go

Lyris HQ Mobile is a robust mobile email marketing application— a new extension to Lyris HQ Power Edition that enables on-the-move email campaign management through an elegant user interface for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Until now, mobile email marketing applications have been used primarily as visibility tools. Lyris HQ Mobile extends beyond visibility into active campaign management. With a more complete set of management features than any other mobile app for email marketing, Lyris HQ Mobile lets you actively view, report on, and manage campaigns that drive engagement and conversion.

At Lyris, we’ve identified the need for marketers to manage and control complex email marketing campaigns on-the-go and saw an opportunity to not only provide a mobile email marketing application that offers the same functionalities provided on a desktop, but one that is truly optimized for a mobile user experience.


  • Schedule emails to send now or later
  • Preview and proof messages before you send
  • Cancel or reschedule previously scheduled sends
  • Stop a campaign while it is sending
  • Track bounces while a message is sending
  • View real-time delivery statistics


  • Connects you to lists, campaigns and reports – anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminates geographical boundaries
  • Maximizes productivity, during office hours and beyond
  • Mitigates errors and ensures the accuracy of messages, even long distance
  • Allows quick reaction when strategies or priorities change
  • Enables deep insight with real-time delivery statistics and performance
Lyris HQ Mobile